Our Team

Meet the Westview Ministry Team

Rev. Pete Byma

Senior Pastor - [email protected]

Brent Lamberts

Director of Student & Family Ministries - [email protected]

Caryn Boelema

Worship & Music - [email protected]

Mary Jelsma

Church Administrator - [email protected]

Diana Devries

Middle School Director (S.O.L.E.) - [email protected]

Kurt Staal

Custodian - [email protected]

Mark Zuidema

Custodian - [email protected]

Larry Slings

Pastoral Assistant - [email protected]

Wendy Burghgraef

Bookkeeper/Accountant - [email protected]

Kyo Chan Koo

Intern - [email protected]

Mary Staal

Cleaning / Custodian - [email protected]