Our Mission

we’re Vestry church

Our Mission is to Open the Way to God

Praise & Worship

Our church is open and friendly with many social activities. To keep our church running smoothly, we have committees.


We exist to represent Christ to our community and world so that they might see Jesus and realize all that God has planned for them!


We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to go after God with passion.


We are a church that loves God and people

Our Mission

We are multi-cultural ministry committed to changing lives through the simplistic, practical and powerful teaching of the gospel. We seek to minister to the total person through a deeper.

Our Insparation and Vision
Our Goal

Look How Our Church Helped these People

Here I grew Spiritually

I had searched for a bible-based church for a long time and once I came to Vestry, it just felt like I had finally arrived at my home.

John Robbins


Great Blessing for Me

Thank you so much for embracing me! I pray GOD’s continual Hand of Protection, Provision & Favor on your ministry and members!

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

The Best Church

My mother-in-law told us about her church and we love it. It’s a true Bible based church like I’ve been looking for!! We finally found our church family!!

John Robbins


They Changed My Life

It’s rare today to find a biblical church that teaches the word of God. At Vestry Bible we get fed the knowledge of Christ helping to grow as Christians.

Herbert Massey

Police Officer

Church for Spiritual healing

Bible vacation school was very important to me and my family. It gave us a sense of oneness with the church and a connection with God.

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

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Westview Wednesday – Dec. 28, 2022

“The Calf Path” – a poem for grooved people One day through the Primal wood, a calf walked as good as calves should; But made a trail all bent askew, a crooked trail, as calves all do. Since then, three hundred years have fled and I infer the calf is dead. But still he left …


Westview Wednesday – Dec. 14, 2022

Last Sunday I encouraged folks to “find your song”.    Even a line or phase that becomes your expression this season.    A few weeks ago while studying for a sermon, I ran across a lost stanza from the Christmas carol, “Hark, The Harold Angels Sing.”    Who knew?   I’ve been singing this song for over 50 years and …


Westview Wednesday – Dec. 7, 2022

 If breeze still, and rooftops white drifts in the new day’s radiant beams, the place is pleasant and mute, hushed. Between Avenue and Street, East -West who has the wisdom to count the clouds?* Who can tip over the water jars of heaven?* Begetter again this day, gives birth to frost* Out of the North …


Areas all of us struggle to trust God with likes and shares.

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