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Westview Wednesday – Dec. 28, 2022

“The Calf Path” – a poem for grooved people One day through the Primal wood, a calf walked as good as calves should; But made a trail all bent askew, a crooked trail, as calves all do. Since then, three hundred years have fled and I infer the calf is dead. But still he left …


Westview Wednesday – Dec. 14, 2022

Last Sunday I encouraged folks to “find your song”.    Even a line or phase that becomes your expression this season.    A few weeks ago while studying for a sermon, I ran across a lost stanza from the Christmas carol, “Hark, The Harold Angels Sing.”    Who knew?   I’ve been singing this song for over 50 years and …


Westview Wednesday – Dec. 7, 2022

 If breeze still, and rooftops white drifts in the new day’s radiant beams, the place is pleasant and mute, hushed. Between Avenue and Street, East -West who has the wisdom to count the clouds?* Who can tip over the water jars of heaven?* Begetter again this day, gives birth to frost* Out of the North …


Westview Wednesday – November 30, 2022

Tim Keller in his book on marriage talks about the “great horizon”.     He explains how if you have ever driven through the Smokey Mountains or walked in the great Alps or crossed the Rockies when it is foggy and cloudy, you cannot see the magnificent peaks.   You may catch glimpses here and there as cliffs …


Westview Wednesday – November 16, 2022

Allow me to share some of my mental meanderings of the recent election. For anyone who may be paying attention, I think it is clear that we are, and we have been for some time, living in a post-Christian culture.  We are rather isolated here in West Michigan in our own little sub-culture, but our …


Westview Wednesday – November 9, 2022

I came up against one of those devotional speed bumps the other day.   You know the kind.   When you are reading a familiar passage in the Bible and a verse or a phrase sticks out and makes you slow down.  You back up and reread it and ponder it for a moment.   You’ve read it …

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