A Reflection by Pastor Pete

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Leadership is important.  Developing new leaders is also important even, I believe, an obligation.  It is something that I take seriously as a pastor.  I believe that God has equipped me to equip others for ministry. We as a church have the same responsibility. We are called to bless others and share the goodness of the Lord unto us.

 That’s why I have been mentoring Seminarians every Monday morning for the last three years.  It’s a great investment into the lives of future leaders in our denomination.  As that mentoring program and field education developed, Calvin Seminary is now “embedding” students in a local church for their field education and experience.   One year ago Council approved a proposal to host a Calvin Theological Seminarian. Let me introduce you to him.

 … Hi, my name is Ryan VanderWees and I am your intern for the next two academic years. I am currently a first year student at Calvin Theological Seminary. Some of you may be wanting to know a little bit more about me, so here is some background to put with my name. I am from the beautiful north-western shore of Lake Superior and grew up just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I grew up with my father, mother, and younger sister across the field from my father's poultry farm. Incidentally, work on the farm was also my first job.

At seventeen years old I moved down to Southern Ontario to go to University. I spent four years studying Religion, Philosophy, Political Science, and History. After I had completed my bachelors I spent a year earning a graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management in Eastern Ontario. All along I had felt a call to ministry, and everything I have studied was chosen to serve this end. While part way through my certificate program I applied to Calvin Seminary. Now I am here in Grand Rapids. 

Outside of the farm I held two other jobs. I spent a year as the President of my University's Student Government and began the process of learning what leadership is all about. I also spent some time working in City Planning for a rural government office. Here I learnt the importance of organization and fully developed plans. That's a little bit about me. I am around on Sundays, so if you would like to know anymore about me or about anything that I have done don't hesitate to flag me down and ask.    

Thanks for showing hospitality to Ryan and getting to know him.  It’ll be a great time together.

Anyway, that’s how I see it.      

Pastor Pete