A Reflection by Pastor Pete

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Predicting the future can be big business.  People try to make money from it.    When the Boston Red Sox won the recent World Series it lined a lot of pockets. Bets are already being made on teams in the Super Bowl.  People predict a lot of things. They try to guess, for instance, whether stocks or bonds will rise or fall in price. They stake money on whether oats or soybeans will gain or decrease. These money-backed predictions are sometimes called “futures”.

Each college student does a little predicting. What will the job market look like in 4 years and will there be a need for their skill?  There is not much future in stage-coach repair or typewriter sales.  Meteorologists try to tell me what the weather will be on Friday so I know if I will need a coat or not.

But these all suffer from one drawback. Nobody knows the future. We can predict, of course. We can make educated guesses based on some pretty good evidence.  Except for taxes and another poor year for the Detroit Lions, we can never be sure.  We never know what’s coming.

But we do know who’s coming. Jesus said, he would return “on the clouds of heaven.” The Jesus who left his disciples on a Jerusalem hillside so long ago is the same Jesus who will come again at the end of time (Acts 1:11).   Certain Christians try to figure out when he is coming back. They work up charts and timetables and calculations. People have been known to quit their jobs, pull out of school, and sell all their furniture.  But dates have come and gone without the return of our Lord.

It looks like he should come back anytime. There are wars and rumors of wars. There are famines, earthquakes, fires, and persecution (Matthew 24:4-12). The Bible reminds us that we should be about the work of the Kingdom and look forward in trust.

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I talked about some of these things this past Sunday in my message from 1 Thessalonians 4. Many of you have commented to me how helpful and inspiring it was.  You would like to know more. And that’s good; it’s time to put last things first.  We all have questions.   What does that reunion in the sky look like? Is there a role for Israel?   What will the rapture look like?  I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.  But lets talk about it some more.  Tonight, in my Wednesday Night Pastor’s class we will look at the “end times.”  We will examine more Bible passages and I will explain our Reformed position in more detail. See it as a little refresher of what you believe.  Come on out.  Let’s eat together in fellowship anytime after 5:30 and we’ll start the class at 6:35 in the prayer room. It’ll be fun.

 Anyway, that’s how I see it.    

Pastor Pete