Westview Wednesday

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by Pastor Pete

Will life ever be the way it’s supposed to be? The other day I received a brochure in the mail. It had a wonderful picture of a beach and had this question placed across the top… “why wait for heaven when you can lock in your week in paradise now?”     Great marketing strategy. Why should I have to wait?  The warm ocean water looks really good right now!

           I confess that more than once my eyes and thoughts are already in on the plane for this little slice of heaven.  But I know I will need to return. My home, work, family, and relationships, are here. We can’t live in an illusion.

Heaven App Wide

           What comes to mind when you think of heaven?   I tend to think of a brightly lit place with a lot of kind and gentle people where no one is angry or gets offended at anything. There is lots of singing and God is walking around with a smile greeting everyone. It’s a simple image, I know. It all sounds nice but not terribly exciting or inviting.   I’m sort of caught between loving it here yet living with the reality that this life is full of dashed dreams and it never fulfills the deepest longings of my heart.   But then heaven takes me away from the good things of family and friends, and small joys here and exchanges it for an unknown. I feel guilty about feeling this way, sometimes.

           It’s a little bit like trying to describe life on the outside to a baby still on her mothers womb. We could say, “We can’t wait for you to come out here. You’re gonna love it. There are beautiful trees, warm blankets, sunshine, and people who will snuggle and love you.”   The baby would respond “what’s a tree?”  “what is sunshine?” “what is love?”  “I like it here where I can eat 24/7 and its warm and I always hear my mothers heartbeat….Is it like that out there?”       “Well, uh, no, but….”   “Well, then,” the baby would respond, “I’m not interested, I’m going to stay right here.”

           It is hard to describe something so “other” to someone with such limited understanding.  That’s God and heaven for us.  John must have struggled with that in the book of Revelation. He tried to describe heaven in earthly terms. He said its a place of no more tears. It is a place where life is how its supposed to be.  Now that, I can get excited about!

      Anyway, that’s how I see it.   Pastor Pete